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Craniosacral Therapy is gentle & effective

Craniosacral Therapy



  A gentle non-invasive form of treatment that is  extremely gentle yet powerful. CST recognises that all structures in the body are connected and integrated; the therapy does not  necessarily target specific symptoms but the person as a whole which ultimately may assist with the clients specfic symptoms. Works well with all ages from babies to the elderly, and from chronic pain states to the sports person.
  All parts of the body need to be able to move freely without restriction. This allows the passage of essential nutrients to the cells and tissues and effective removal of waste products. Ineffective removal in any one part of the body will lead to compensatory responses which result in pain and dysfunction. Congestion will cause tiredness sluggishness and general feeling of being "out of sorts".  Sometimes the pain or ache may be felt away from the origin of dysfunction i.e leg pain referred from the low back.
  Fascia is a strong connective web like structure that allows the body to retain its form and shape. It passes around  and between the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and bones. If damaged by posture or trauma is contracts and stiffens and the structures that  pass through it can become constricted and the flexibility  of the soft tissues will be lost resulting in pain and dysfunction. The therapist can feel these areas of restriction and work with them to allow the tissues to relax and "let go".  With the fascia relaxed the muscles and other soft tissues including blood vessels and nerves  that pass through it can regain their flexibility. The more flexible these structures the more able the body is to allow freedom of movement and the unrestricted passage of nutrients to the cells and waste products to be expelled. This allows the body to function much more efficiently and reduce the problems associated  with these restrictions.

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