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Mrs. Williams

Hi Cheryl,

I wanted to get this to you in writing to emphasis the difference I have found since you manipulated my hip/pelvis.

I was diagnosed, by an orthopaedic consultant in early 2017 with bursitis after being in constant pain.  The recommended treatment was shock wave therapy as a starting point and, potentially, steroid injections if the shock wave failed.  Although the shock wave therapy worked to reduce the pain, it didn’t completely remove it and I have suffered, to varying degrees, for almost three years.

After having one session with you on 2nd November 2020 I am pain free for the first time since the original inflammation began in 2017.

Whilst I understand there is potential for relapse if the hip/pelvis displaces again, I would have no hesitation in booking a further session with you as soon as I feel any discomfort in the joint.

Thank you again


Cheryl has an absolute gift in combining physiotherapy with cranio-sacral therapy. She has been able to treat and eradicate  unbearably painful bouts of both nerve and muscular pain in me, far exceeding my expectations. It doesn’t matter if you believe in cranio-sacral therapy or not – Cheryl is proof that it can work. I know I would not be nearly so well as I am today if I had not had the benefit of her skills. It is so worth a go especially if you’ve tried other pain relief avenues and they haven’t worked. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


After a traumatic birth my baby daughter had some issues, colic, sleeping problems and digestive problems. After seeing Cheryl a few times my daughter has totally settled down and is a happier baby all round. I would highly recommend Cheryl, she is such a professional and extremely friendly and the quality of care is excellent.


I came to Cheryl 3 months ago in constant daily pain, her professionalism and kindness in my treatment was far beyond any of my expectations. She has literally given me back my old life. I could not endorse anyone more highly than Cheryl. 


I went to Cheryl seeking relief from severe back pain which is a side effect of a permanent condition. I'd read that Craniosacral therapy might help but I wanted someone who was also trained in Physiotherapy - so I struck lucky  very with Cheryl. The treatment is powerful, doesn't hurt, and very relaxing. As soon as Cheryl starts the Craniosacral I can actually feel it working and my muscles responding. The first time I went I had been in a lot of pain for some weeks and the next day I woke up to a virtually pain free day - bliss. Cheryl has been able to keep my back pain to low, manageable levels and some days I barely notice it. She is extremely knowledgeable and will explain everything that she does. I've recommended a couple of friends to her and they have been impressed. It's the best most effective treatment I have found for severe back pain, it's also excellant for a relaxing hour while Cheryldoes the work. Highly recommended!


I can honestly recommend Cheryl because she helped me so much dealing with my pain problems! She is such a professional and yet treats people so nicely!


I injured my back on exercise with the Army, leaving me unable to walk or stand with out the aid of a walking stick.

I first saw Cheryl as a self referral after receiving physiotherapyelsewhere. T he treatment I have received has increased my quality of life dramatically, and the amount of exercise I'm able to do has skyrocketed. When first starting treatment I could swim or walk for only 10-15 minutes at a time, now I can go for well over an hour with no limitation from pain. I am in no doubt about the excellant quality of care I received.

I would recommend Cheryll to anyone, she is very easy to talk to, extremely supportive throughout the recovery process and exceptional at her job.

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