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Child Physiotherapy


Chartered Physiotherapists with a special interest in musculo-skeletal are highly trained to assess and diagnose muscular, fascial, nervous, ligamentous and skeletal problems. Soft tissues in the body are vulnerable to injury including trauma from accidents, postural problems and repetitive activities. Injured tissues will result in muscle spasm and/or inflammation which ultimately causes aches and pain. 


Physiotherapists use thorough assessment of the musculo-skeletal system to locate the source of the injury which may not always be at the site of the pain but referred from elsewhere i.e. sciatica which is referred pain from the back.


Physiotherapists have many skills to treat dysfunction in the body including specific mobilising and manipulative techniques. They also look at the alignment and muscle balance of the body, stability and any areas of movement dysfunction. This allows for the appropriate treatment to resolve aches and pains and restore normal function.


The main emphasis is on early intervention to maximise recovery and minimise dysfunction ensuring a prompt return to fitness.

Treatment may also include a specific programme of exercises designed to correct postural alignment to help prevent further injuries and recurrent pains and aches. Strengthening core stability muscles helps maintain good posture and relieve spinal related problems.   

Chartered physiotherapists are governed by a professional body; this ensures that high standards of practice are maintained.

Sports Injury

                                    Cheryl Key Chartered and Registered Physiotherapist     Tel:  07854732716

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